Brett Simpson


Cancer Resilience and Coaching.

Brett Simpson: Cancer Resilience, Coaching and Mentorship

Brett took the experiential route to qualify as a cancer counsellor and coach through his own unique cancer journey, as well as witnessing and supporting family members and friends through their journeys. His formal coaching training added framework to his pioneering methodology through internationally acclaimed The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and Integrative Enneagram Solutions.

For more then ten years, he has been building his understanding and experience both formally and informally, experiencially and intellectually.

He successfully launched a number of businesses winning both international and national acclaim as the top social enterprise in South Africa through Top Technology 100 (2008) and across Africa as the leading social enterprise to come out of Africa (Africa SMME - 2008)).

  • Brett was the Angel Program Director for Hummingbird Cancer Centre in 2017

  • Brett has built educational businesses over ten years, which has since been adopted by the Department of Education in South Africa.

How can we help you?

With 36 years of professional experience and a lifetime of studying how to initiate healing using natural medicine, Dr uses sclerology, iridology, live blood analysis as well as pulse and tongue diagnosis to search and validate the cause of symptoms. He then formulates the most appropriate natural medicin e remedies. A consultation with Dr includes nutritional and emotional advice, covering not only the physical but also the mental and emotional components of your health.

Book a consultation or package with Dr and unlock true health in your life to:
  • Understand your health and the fine balance which your body must achieve to heal itself;

  • Explain the underlying cause of body imbalances through ancient Chinese diagnostics;

  • Explore and understand the root cause of your dis-ease physically and emotionally; and

  • Co-create a programme, treatment protocol and natural medicine regime to bring you back into balance and engage your natural healing ability.

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