About us

Build your dream home today!


Your first choice in financing your dream home.

Zambian Home Loans was founded in 2013 by a group of investors who believed in the ideal that every Zambian should have the opportunity to build their own dream home. At ZHL we understand that building a home can be stressful, so our model is built around making the process as simple as possible.

From a single office is Lusaka promoting our construction product, we are now able to offer a number of products in all of the main towns in Zambia.

ZHL is a financial services provider licenced by the Bank of Zambia.

Build your dream home today!

How can we help you?

Zambian Home Loans strives to become the leading mortgage lender in Zambia, offer clients financing solutions to meet their needs and enable them to achieve their dreams, whilst remaining a responsible lender.

We believe that access to relatively affordable, high quality housing that meets the specific clients needs is achievable through ZHLs product offering and we aim to ensure that as many Zambians benefit from this as possible.

Why us?

  • ZHL is a specialist in mortgage based loans.
  • We provide personalised service. We’ll meet with you face to face in your office or at home to understand what your needs are, how much you can borrow and how large a home you can afford.
  • We let you choose the builders. It’s your money and it’s your dream home so you should have the choice.
  • We get big bulk discounts on building materials which we pass directly on to you. Big savings can mean that extra bedroom or that smart new kitchen you’ve always wanted.
  • You choose the loan repayment period of up to 20 years.